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บัวทองสุก (ชื่อคุณแม่ ดร.เสริมลาภ วสุวัต) ดอกสีเหลืองอ่อน

N. 'Thongsook'
Tropical Day Blooming

N. 'Thongsook' Im O Slearmlarp Wasuwat DO De Medium yellow, green pads Pa OA AP Wasuwat P Rugboa, A Journal of the Thai Waterlily Lover Club VNP 26 PD 1999 SCN

Named Waterlilies
All belong to Nymphaea L. (Sp. pl. 1.510. 1753)

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TD = Tropical Day Blooming, TDV = Tropical Day Blooming Viviparous, TN = Tropical Night Blooming, TNV = Tropical Night Blooming Viviparous, H = Hardy, HV = Hardy Viviparous

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